Kass Glassworks

Kass Glassworks

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Neighborhood: West Village
Type of Place: Antiques/Crafts


Looking for encouragement about a career change?
Carol Kaas can give you some. Looking for a distinctive and lovely decoupage item? From her inviting shop on Perry Street, this prosecuting attorney-turned-decoupage artist can offer that, too. A lawyer for 15 years in Minneapolis, Kaas paired her 1500-mile move to New York with an equally significant employment shift: Having long admired the collage-work art of decoupage, she decided to make a go of life as craftswoman. She started out working on designs at her kitchen table and soon after opened Kaas Glassworks, using its basement space as her studio. Her husband, a video editor, helps with finishing the pieces and running the store—"I could never do this without him," Kaas says. "He has treated this dream project of mine as he would treat his own."

Kass finds vintage images (plants, animals, insects, letters and numbers, clothing), reproduces.them, and decoupages the results to create wall hangings, jewelry, trays, paperweights, etc. All items are handmade and signed; they range from $28 for a paperweight to $148 for a large tray. The "craft spirit" is echoed in the shop's décor: antique furniture from flea markets, simple but beautiful wood floors, a tin ceiling that Kass and her husband installed themselves. Treat the graduate or newly betrothed in your life to a unique and thoughtful piece of art—or go ahead, treat yourself.
  - Pamela Grossman; 06, 2004

Kass Glassworks
117 Perry St.
New York, NY 10014
(212) 366-0322