Kathlin Argiro

Kathlin Argiro

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: West 30s
Type of Place: Bridal Gowns


How often does a bridesmaid, after a dress-fitting, leave the designer’s studio with a pink brocade suit for work and a floral wrap dress that anticipates the Spring? In a glum building in the Garment District, Kathlin Argiro’s lilac and shabby chic boutique hides on the 7th floor. The ready-to-wear racks serve as a pleasant overture to a shopping experience that consists of wine, girl-talk and custom fittings. While Argiro’s 3-step process to designing your own dress is meant for weddings, graduations and other special occasions, the pieces are reusable for events that do not go marked in your leather-bound Manhattan Diary as one of life’s milestones. For example, my bridesmaid’s dress ($275) which is simply sleek and pewter, will whisper afternoon elegance at a picnic in Sheepsmeadow, or a summer stroll down Park Avenue.

Customers design their own dress using the 3-step process.

1. Pick a silhouette (over 25 selections) 2. Pick a fabric (seersucker? two tones?) 3. Pick a treatment (satin belts clasped by novelty ribbons or flowers). A customer may leave looking forward to that short A-line halter made of petal-colored satin, or a strapless knee-length striped taffeta. The possibilities are endless.
  - Tanya Benedicto; Feb 17, 2008

Kathlin Argiro
265 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018
(212) 268-8774 Ext.