Lance Lappin Tri Be Ca

Lance Lappin Tri Be Ca

Photo: Lance Lappin Tri Be Ca

Neighborhood: Tribeca
Type of Place: Hair Salons Gift Shops

My friend Liza is a rock star. Literally--she rocks with her band, Liza and the Wonderwheels--but figuratively, too, in that she's smart and funny, warm and multitalented. And a few of her various talents have brought her to the Lance Lappin salon, where fortunate customers can get their hair cut by someone who knows that they want to look chic, dance late into the night, and never have stiff, suburban "helmet head."

Liza gave me a cut I love; and afterward, I browsed around to see if the salon's fun, funky vibe would extend to the in-salon store attached. The verdict: Whether you need a haircut or not, this shop is a great place to stop for gifts--and it's very "of the neighborhood" in its style and flair.

Bath products are standard gift-shop items, but this store's Mamma Mio products, designed for new moms and moms-to-be, were new to me. Massage oil is $20; "stretch-mark butter" (who knew it existed?) is $39, as is something called "boob tube" that claims to help pregnant/nursing/post-nursing boobs "defy gravity." (If it works there, will it also work for my butt?)

For the bedroom, scented eye pillows/sachets from Andera Soltis are $15 (imprinted with "create," "discover," "imagine," and "hope"); a selection of jewelry boxes is now 15% off; and Lexon cube alarm clocks are now $22.50, from $45, and display the temperature and date as well as the time.

Walls looking bare? Tin signs that read "Eat," "Dream," and "Relax," in various sizes and colors, start at $40; and charming collage art from Morgan Jesse Lappin (a talented Lappin family member, I'm guessing) are a steal at $25. Table in need of pizzazz? Napkin rings imprinted with "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry," from Eden, are $42 for a set of four.

On the way out, I had to smile at an assortment of some "very Tribeca" books on display: "Living Yoga" ($16.95); "Slow Food Nation" ($22.50); and "The Parents' Guide to College Admissions" ($15): The mom or dad in a loft on Walker Street who works on tree pose before work, starts planning a tasty and organic dinner at around 2 PM, and tries at every moment to maximize little Cody's educational options will be right at home here. But tree-pose-practicer or no, if you're looking for an appealing "little something," you'll be glad to discover this shop too.

  - Pamela Grossman; March 22, 2009

Lance Lappin Tri Be Ca
123 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013
(212) 227-4150