Le Caire Lounge

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Lounges Night Clubs NYC Restaurants

Le Caire Lounge offers an ideal setting for a memorable dinner, a romantic date, or after work cocktails. We cater to large groups, private parties, or corporate events, seven nights a week with a variety of moods and music every night, that remains a consistent favorite with the most fashionable crowd.
The atmosphere found in Le Caire Lounge has an exclusive ambiance nestled in the lower east side on 3rd street. With the feel of a sexy enclave, we attempt to seduce our clients with the taste of another world. Lush red draperies envelop the richly textured walls. Sip on an exotic cocktail and be entranced by our special beats. Smoke our fruity Hookahs, relax, and lose yourself in the dim lighting and enjoy the smooth aromatic taste…
  - Basem 03/19/09

Le Caire Lounge
189 E. 3rd St. Btw. Ave A&B
New York, NY 10009
(212) 777-7447