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Neighborhood: SoHo
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Jewelry


True to its name, Legacy has been around since 1978, and since been touted for its ability to unearth fabulously skilled, new designers. The shop is a platform for an elegantly girlish and quite quirky inventory. It hawks off-the-wall pieces including cocktail dresses, blouses and skirts courtesy of unusually-styled designers from Europe and Japan. You’ll also spot antique brocade gowns from Nina Ricci and other virgin designers.

Naturally, Legacy hosts its own exclusive brand which has been exported for sale in popular London boutiques. It features rayon-crepe shifts, organza chemises and other works that some aficionados feel heighten many of the similar styles you’d see from Prada and the like.

When I was last at Legacy, I landed a gorgeous skirt of an intricate but not dizzying antique black lace ($325). It is definitely one of the most romantic – and complimented upon – members of my wardrobe. There was a sweet collection of tops to match like a Victorian Style Jacket with a snap tape closure at the back that can be adjusted from a casual clasp to a naughty tightlace. The jacket is actually denim, a weirdness I like.

You’ll see some of the most mod masterpieces at Legacy. Case in point: their 1960's Mod Knit Gown. The gown is designed by JeanVaron, who was the costume designer for the 1st season of The Avengers. The dress flairs a plunging black V-neck with a long, narrow skirt adorned with a thick-lined plaid pattern and trimmed in wool ($375).

These works are just a tidbit of the heirlooms you will find at Legacy. There’s outwear by Chanel and Bill Blass, suits, separates, handbags and more. The work at Legacy is more art to me than fashion-wear – a lot of their pieces appear to be made for a catwalk and require gumption to be worn. I like that about Legacy, and suggest you visit the boutique.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

109 Thompson Street
Brooklyn, NY 10012
(212) 966-4827