Lowe's Chelsea

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Type of Place: Home Furnishings Home & Garden


Heading to Lowe's isn't usually a headline event.  Going to one in Manhattan is.  You will find this Lowe's just a few blocks from Home Depot on Sixth Avenue and 17th Street.  In the market for a kitchen redo, I decided to see what it's all about.  The first floor is dedicate to the nuts and bolts of the business, everything from locks and doorknobs to caulking, paints and lumber.  There are doors and doorbells along lightbulbs; even fresh flowers.  Upstairs is the main events; sleek kitchens and stylish bathrooms geared toward smaller homes and apartment living.  I fell in love with a farmers' stainless steel sink, a retro Italian-made fridge from as as SMEG in bright orange (don't ask the price), and stunning bath designs for every budget.  Service was helpful and friendly.  As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, I'll be back!"

  - J. Lin

Lowe's Chelsea
635-641 Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 671-5340