Malin and Goetz

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Type of Place: Perfume Bath & Body

I aim to be fair, in my coverage, to all shoppers--young and old, with or without kids, broke and (these days) less broke, male and female. This week's offering is especially for guys who believe that being male does not have to mean forsaking great bath products; and the women (or men) who love them; and, for that matter, the women who'd like in on those bath products for themselves. While I was checking out Malin and Goetz, male and female shoppers poured in and out, and almost all left with a purchase or two (or many more).

No wonder. The products here use "formulas without unnecessary detergents, colorants, and synthetic fragrances," according to the store's literature; and in fact, no synthetic fragrances at all are in the mix (it's shocking how unusual that is). There's also no animal testing for the products; and, in an economy-friendly move, they're made in the USA.

Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz launched the line in March of 2004, striving for effective but simplistic skincare for all and emphasizing products for sensitive skin. Customers caught on fast that, sensitive skin or no, they didn't need extra "junk" in their face creams, body washes, etc. and would much prefer streamlined, good-for-you, and flat-out-delish products like these.

What's to love? Soap in lime, peppermint, and rum scents ($10 each); big tubes of peppermint body scrub, with a scent so fresh it'll make you look forward to jumping from bed in the morning ($30); Vitamin E shaving cream (from $8); scented candles (my favorites were "mojito" and "dark rum"--yum! $48 each or $58 for a set of 3 votives); a carry-on-approved travel kit of moisturizers, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner ($30); and even toothpastes specially formulated for morning and night ($16 each).

If you've decided that 2009 is your year to take seriously what you are (or are not) slathering onto your skin, this is a great place to start. Users report unexpected benefits--suddenly-cleared eczema, vanished rosacea, and so on. But knowing that you're a bit freer of chemicals and dyes may just help you to breathe easier, too.
  - Pamela Grossman; January 11, 2009

Malin and Goetz
177 Seventh Ave.
(20th and 21st Sts)
New York, NY
(212) 727-3777

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