Neighborhood: West 30s
Type of Place: Lounges


Walk past all the Korean barbecues lining West 32nd Street and enter a non-descript building that looks more like a warehouse, hop aboard the drab elevator to the third floor and prepare to enter a new world.

A giant bell greets you as you enter Maru, where you can enjoy the privacy of a veiled booth or share one of many white banquettes that fill this bi-level lounge. It is truly stunning. Upstairs, a futuristic tunnel features a bar and more lounge seating. Although it could give new meaning to the term "the spins" after a few drinks. The drinks include a full range of martinis and shots with names like "Love Potion." The menu's a mix of Asian to American fare with Yakatori-style dishes and Maru rolls, including one called a "Fire Scallop" roll. There's also Rock Shrimp Tempura and steak served with grilled asparagus and onion mashed potatoes.

But even if you're not hungry, Maru is a perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, sit back and take in the scene!

  - Sam Sayegh

11 W. 32nd St (5th & 6th Aves)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 273-3413