Micro Center

Micro Center

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: Sunset Park
Type of Place: Technology


Techno-geeks rejoice!

The Micro Center has arrived.

Located in the newly refurbished Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, it's kind of like Best Buy, Staples and RadioShack all wrapped up into one.

Need a laptop?  They've got it.

Need a big screen TV?  The've got that too.

Along with printers and copiers (some under 50 bucks) and ink catridges galore.  We were amazed at the huge selection of computers, tablets, digital cameras and cellphones, all at very reasonable prices.  There is an entire section dedicated to Apple, or you can build your own computer with everything from the case to power source. 

The Micro Center also has a huge supply of external hardrives, on the cloud or off.  Drones come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a few bucks to several hundred.  There are rows of security cameras, standard or domed, including some with ifrared that can reach up to 100 feet.  And if you're hunting for hard-to-find electronic circuitry, this is the place to be.  Got a question?  Step up to the "Knowledge Bar."

There is simply too much to discuss in one article.  But if you go, I guarantee you won't be disappointed, even if you're not a techno-geek.

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  - J. Lin

Micro Center
850 3rd Ave (30th & 31st St)
Brooklyn, NY 11232
347) 563-9880
Map Hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat

11am-6pm Sun