Misdemeanor Bar & Lounge

Misdemeanor Bar & Lounge

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Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Type of Place: Bars


Our new sidewalk cafe and bar, conveniently located in the lobby of NU Hotel Brooklyn, is one of the largest sidewalk cafes in Downtown Brooklyn. Though people-watching reigns supreme here with our prime Smith Street location and we highly recommend dining al fresco, be sure to come inside to experience the vibe and see our bartenders in action. With large windows and the faint bustle of our boutique hotel lobby, the cafe has an airy feel that can only be described as the perfect mix of urban cool and laid back-it feels like the place to be, without trying too hard. And the food and drink will delight! Serving all-day cocktails and light tapas for dinner and lunch, our menus were created by two of the biggest names in the New York restaurant scene. Our tapas menu, a small plates selection made with artisanal and fresh ingredients, is perfect for a light snack or appetizer. Or, you could pair two or three of the tapas to create a delicious meal. The plates are designed by Chef Jehangir Mehta, renowned for his delightfully simple yet surprisingly complex offerings. To savor the food with the perfect pairing, try our innovative cocktails created by Milos Zica, celebrated mixologist. You will be encouraged to go out of your comfort zone and we promise you will thank us for it.

  - vestafresh 7/29/2012

Misdemeanor Bar & Lounge
85 Smith Street
in lobby of NU Hotel Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY 11201