Miss Hoe

Miss Hoe

Photo: Joann Jovinelly

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Type of Place: Designers Women's Clothing

Abby Hoe, a demure, whip-smart designer whose brand of original clothing, jewelry, and toys has made the newly pretentious Bowery fun again, has sworn off designing for men (at least for the time being). Hoe was formerly designing menswear for high-end retailers like Macy’s, but her dream of creating a fantasy clothing line for women was always in mind, finally culminating in the opening of her first boutique last year on the corner of Prince Street, just across from the New Museum.

The Miss Hoe collection is primarily comprised of romantic and lacy dresses, most of which are designed to wear atop leggings. Not-too-frilly cotton fabrics and simple knits in soft colors make an appearance, as do clingy striped patterns with oversized pockets, which fill out this smart and versatile collection. In a word, these clothes are flattering, and not only to those lucky enough to be fashion-model thin.

Made up of sizes 0-12, Hoe’s line is both generous in material and comfort, without lacking style. There is plenty of whimsy here, but even stalwart New Yorkers who prefer uniforms of muted grays and blacks will have much to applaud too. Thoughtful details like smocking, rows of tiny pearl buttons, and drawstrings at the waist create new twists on traditional shapes, while swing jackets in updated plaid patterns recall the 1950s. Hoe is inspired by several distinct eras in fashion and the results are anything but predictable. Classic dress and shirt shapes paired with the omnipresent legging and chunky jewelry—also part of the collection—will please both your sense of style and your wallet, as the average price point of items falls below $100. Considering their affordability, twenty- and thirty-somethings will enjoy mixing and matching several pieces to create numerous outfits as they all work well together.

Young women and even children will be drawn to the store, which is playfully decorated like a downtown Alice in Wonderland fantasy. While expressing both her strong sense of personal style, Hoe has created a quirky all-ages dream that both surprises and delights. Bold dressing rooms, a mock tea party in progress, thrift-store dressers chock full of handmade soaps that look like little desserts, and a hot pink chandelier all make shopping here a memorable experience. And the inventive dolls that pop up in pockets and on chairs? They are all handmade from fabric scraps. That’s right: Abby Hoe has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. We absolutely adore her new line of modern charm bracelets and earrings—sold in packs of three—for fantastically flirty accents. Go and see for yourself and grab something downright feminine for spring.

Hours: Monday –Wednesday 10AM–7PM;
Thursday–Sunday 10AM–8PM

  - Joann Jovinelly

Miss Hoe
2 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012
(646) 684-3494
(646) 684-3545 fax