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Neighborhood: West 50s
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In these days of Ipads and Tablets, Kindles and, of course, chronic cell phones, it's a joy to see that classic paper notebooks, sturdy and well-made, still have a place in the world. Iconic Moleskine notebooks have been a favored choice of artists and writers for over 100 years, and demand for them continues strong.

NYC's small but charming Moleskine shop is located in the elegant shopping atrium at Columbus Circle. Yes, the famous notebooks are here—but so are products you'll wish you'd discovered long ago.

Pocket-size notebooks start at $9.95 and come in a wonderful array of colors, with ruled pages or plain. Prices don't go up a huge amount from there—for their craftsmanship and affordability, these make great gifts for others and for oneself.

A set of two mini notebooks—for use on a one-day project, perhaps—is $5.95. Engaging themed journals on music (for lyrics, playlists, and "my life in music"), film (designated space to record when, where, and with whom you saw a film, quotes from the movie, and your thoughts on it), and even dogs ("collect and organize the life of your dog"), $19.95, are a lovely way to keep track of life's enjoyable details. A book light for bedtime reading is $19.95 as well, and a efficient eraser/sharpener is $5.95. And there's a generous selection of another welcome carryover from "the old days": greeting cards.

Sure, there's plenty of room and good use for the digital. But these notebooks remind us that some things can't be replaced. For example—digital sketchbook? Not happening. And do you really want to spend your vacation typing on a gadget when you could be taking travel notes with a welcoming notebook and a pen?

These notebooks are here for you, and they will continue to be. Batteries not necessary.

  - Pamela Grossman; Nov 3, 2013

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