Neighborhood: West Village
Type of Place: Gift Shops Home Decor

Cold enough for you? Though this week's forecast is for relatively balmy 30-degree days, the recent cold snap has many of us smarting--and aiming for as much time as possible in our cozy homes.

Helping to make those homes cozier is Greenwich Village's charming Mxyplyzyk. I realize now that the most obvious question--how the heck do you say that?--is one I forgot to ask, in my eagerness to explore the goods. But however its name is pronounced, this shop will help you feather your nest with just a bit more comfort and style.

As Carol King and the Freda Payne tunes played, I browsed around, frequently smiling at an item's cleverness, craft, and/or design. Some covetables: a sleek and elegant toothbrush holder (comes with a rinsing cup), $24.95; a nice selection of journals (my two favorites: Eco-Friendly Papers "tree-free" models, with pages made from cotton, which are hand-crafted in India and provide work for local artisans; $16; and beautiful books from Eccolo, $18, which are handmade in Italy and provide this craftsmanship tidbit: "It is not known how long ink will last on this paper because no sheet of it has ever been known to fade"); a squeaky toy for dogs in the likeness of the head of George W. Bush, currently on sale for $8; a great selection of pillows (some lovely ones in brown, green, or blue with pretty, unfussy embroidery are currently on sale for $24; and a pink and red embroidered number with red pom-poms, $35, looked like a yummy Valentine's Day gift to me); pretty and practical glassware, including 4 tumblers in a red and orange citrus pattern that are currently on sale for $12.95--but these won't be there long if I get the chance to go back and scoop them up!; pillows in the shape of dog and cats ($70; the dog models reflect various breeds and will surely bring happiness to, say, the dachsund or bulldog lover in your life); and a sturdy, graceful milk pitcher in white ceramic, $8.

Cheered and warmed by the shop's good nature and good stock, I headed out into the grey afternoon. Winter may have its tougher moments, but shops like this one can enhance the pleasure of coming in from the cold and burrowing into home sweet home.
  - Pamela Grossman; Jan 18, 2009

125 Greenwich Ave
(at 13th St.)
New York, NY 10014
(800) 243-9810
(212) 989-0336 fax

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