New York Old Iron

New York Old Iron


Neighborhood: Gowanus
Type of Place: Antiques/Crafts


In with the "old?"  The New Year is usually a good time to clean house, but how about buying a piece of an old house?  There is a great place to do just that along Brooklyn's scenic Gowanus canal.

At New York Old Iron, located beneath the elevated F Line (next to Lowe's) there are plenty of hidden treasures to be found.  Wrought iron fences and posts, some dating back to the turn of the century include simple designs and more intricate ones.  All are beautiful.  The can be used as replacements as part of a restoration or a grand design plan.  They also have lots of doors, both metal and wood.  We spotted two heavy oak specimens with lots of detail that with a little sprucing up would make a great entranceway to any home with a lot more character than a commercial-grade door.  Porcelain tubs are plentiful including some with claw feet.  Some are in pristine condition while others are in need of a bit of work.  OK, a lot of work.  The same goes for porcelain sinks, many with pedestals.  Prices for larger pieces range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.  

If you can't find what you're looking for, ask for help.  We found the staff here to be very diligent.  This a great resource for restoration projects.

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  - T.R.

New York Old Iron
118 2nd Ave
11th St & 10th St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(917) 837-3039