No More Eggs

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Housewares

As the name informs you, you'll find no eggs here. Housewares, jewelry, accessories, candles, and pillows, yes; and to be fair, some of the decorative items are egg-shaped.

The store's specialty is Batik items. But there is nothing sunnyside up or hard-boiled here. There are no chicks in eggs under heating lamps, waiting to hatch, and there's no caviar. Still, one wonders why owner Gail Kessler thought to broadcast to the public this absence. And Gail, of course, has an answer. She began her adult life as a homemaker in New Jersey, complete with a carpool and a garden club. However, life led her not to the garden-club-emeritus award but instead to stewardship of a New Jersey goat farm. While helming the farm, she sold goat cheese at an egg store on nearby 7th Street that was run by her own farm's neighbors (with eggs from their chickens). In 1989, she moved to Indonesia and worked as an agricultural consultant. In 1996, she came to New York and opened the store, though she returns to Indonesia twice a year to work with her manufacturers there. No more carpool, no more garden club, no more goat farm--and no more eggs.

Sets of 8 batik napkins, made in Bali, are $19 and would enhance any table. Kimonos in cotton or batik, $44, have been tailored by Kessler to have shorter sleeves and pocket. And wooden jewelry boxes, drawers, and mirrors, hand-painted in Bali with Kessler's designs, sell for $12-$29. Special Cititour note: The wood accessories will be going on sale on April 14th--but if you bring in this review before then, Kessler will give you the discount early. If you're looking for unusual and attractive gifts, you'll do well here. But if you're looking for an egg-based meal, try Dojos, one block south.
  - Pamela Grossman, 04, 2004

No More Eggs
307 East 9th Street 10003
(212) 777-0393