No.6 Store

No.6 Store


Neighborhood: Little Italy
Type of Place: Vintage Clothing


This is one of those boutiques that you might blink and miss, so pay close attention when you are walking down Centre Market Pl. and don’t walk past No. 6. Founded in 2005 by fashionistas Morgan Yakus and Karin Bereson, No. 6 Store  draws its eclecticism from Yakus’ high-quality, limited secondhand sources she gets her hands on during her trading days on London’s famous Portobello Road and Bereson’s keen eye for the catwalk which she developed while once styling for the glossies. Together, the two have created a sort of secret fashion stash in which only the two know the password word for gathering and accessing some of the most curious and attractive items you’ll find out and about New York City.

As a customer, you’ll pore over racks and racks of a quite versatile collection of well-kept vintage articles such as anything from 1970 peasant blouses to the stray African-print sack dress as well as some off-the-wall accessories and jewelry. Don’t let them pull the vintage wool over your eyes though, because No. 6 carries newer designers, too like Electric Feather, Christian Wijnants, Arielle Depinto and No. 6’s own line which is also sold at Barney’s these days.

I do have one caveat: I have a friend who is not happy with No. 6’s service, since about a year ago she purchased a pair of wooden clog huaraches for $300, one of which cracked at the heel only three months after the purchase. The salesperson she consulted about the problem told her to simply glue it back together…which both she and I – and you – know is not what we would want to hear after such an investment. My friend eventually received full store credit for the shoes, however, she preferred a refund and did have to fly through a few hoops (for instance there is a small window of only 10 days in which store credit will be granted) before getting any settlement at all. In the customer service department, however, my experience has been quite different and I find the store clerks (particularly those in the bargain basement) very amicable.

No. 6 is definitely most well-known for their clog selection, and they do carry a big one. You’ll find shearling clog boots, moccasin clogs, clogs with high, mid or low-level wedges, closed and open toed clogs, sling-backs, clogs with ankle straps and others. Clogs, just like our feet, however can be finicky, so I suggest you do a little research about this type of a purchase. No. 6 Store's web site has a great Clog FAQ page you may want to look at in regards to the different types of materials clogs can be made of, how to best order your size, repair suggestions, and more. Further (especially in lieu of their strict return policy), I suggest you try on your prospective footwear before landing the purchase.

On a bright note, I did purchase a pair of shearling boots with a single ankle strap on a mid-wedge platform ($395), and have not had a single problem with them since the day I first strapped them on about a year ago – no blisters, cracks or anything (knock on wood!).

  - Janice Bevilacqua

No.6 Store
6 Centre Market Pl
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-5759