Photo: Nypull

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Type of Place: Women's Clothing

A cold and rainy afternoon in Chelsea; seriously, hasn't February been going on for three months now? But my spirits are raised by thoughts of the night's Oscars party and--what's this?--a cute shop that looks like it's having a good sale.

And indeed it is--50% off the clothes and 70% off the shoes! I dive in and discover selections from interesting young designers with non-Oscar-gown price tags.

Men's and women's choices are represented here. On the women's side, I love a blouse in pale grey t-shirt material from Mon-Peche-Mignon, with chiffon and lace detail that lets you dress it up or down (now $128); a "pocket vest" from Maxine Dillon, in camel cotton with blue trim, with pockets on the outside of the garment that extend below the bottom of the vest itself (too busy examining cute structure to write down price!); grey or brown cropped tweed blazers from Snoflake (made, appropriately, in Canada) that will have their place in a fall, winter, or early spring wardrobe (now $150); fantastic short-sleeved hooded jackets in violet or grey muslin from Filly by Emily Christensen, of Portland, OR--designed, she notes on the tag, with thoughts of "French children, overcast, and heartache" in mind (now $109); and a great dress (could also be worn as a long tunic) by Manoush, with a green bodice and gold, orange, and bright pink tiers (now $160).

On the men's side I find things that, honestly, I might wear too. A grey-and-orange striped cotton-knit cardigan from Obey is now $34; the long-sleeved-shirt version with grey and black stripes, also from Obey, is the same price. Upper Playground offers cute t-shirts, like one featuring cartoon-figure hipsters listening to albums (yes, albums, on a turntable), $20; and a grey hoodie adorned with patches in the images of spray-paint cans (now $70) that I am now coveting completely. Funky socks, ties, hats, and those afformentioned on-sale shoes round out your future so-happening ensembles.

The location I visited, on 7th Avenue, is month-to-month in this location, but the other two are permanent. Because of this one's temporary status, good sales should be happening for as long as it's there; think of it as a local outlet store. And by the way, I ask the sales assistant--what is this store called? "Nipple," she says. Really?? Well, yes and no--that's not how it's spelled, but that *is* how it's said. Whatever you call it (and with or without a straight face), get here to check out significant deals on wonderful new "You heard it here first" design lines.   - Pamela Grossman; Feb 22, 2009

121 1/2 7th Ave
New York, NY 10011