Neighborhood: West Village
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Designers


In the heart of the West Village, don’t be surprised to witness hipsters gathering in swarms to enter the doors of a very special yet not so well-known boutique outside New York City’s supercool and highest fashion-savvy roundtable Personnel of New York. Shoppers are not only greeted with an impressively airy 1,000 - foot space beautified with raw-pine fixtures adorned with snazzy aged-brass detail, but also a collection that ceaselessly attracts buyers to one of the most curious retail collections in Manhattan.

The store is a collaboration of fashion aficionado Kristin Paras, alternating buyer for Divine and Canal Jean Company since 1991, and her boyfriend, Emilio Ramirez who has spent a majority of his creative career stationed on film sets in the production framework department. Years of brainstorming while plugging away in their respective industries, the birds-in-paradise eventually nested this eclectic shop that sells clothing, jewelry and home goods chiefly from spotlighted domestic labels.

While Ramirez conceptualized the airy and welcoming space of Personnel, Paras has toiled away at weeding out her top designer friends in order to recruit only the finest collection that has proven irresistible to hawk by hipsters and non-hipsters alike.Personnel of New York’s inventory highlights include designers such as Creatures of Comfort, Black Crane, and Dream Collective. Here you’ll find peplum dresses that run around $335, jumpers for about $185 and enamel cuffs for $165 apiece. For the male pop, consider them taken care of if ready to wear well the likes of Owner Operator nylon pocket tees for only $60, La Paz cotton pullovers, Industry of All Nations batik shirts ($65) and more. For your little Big Apple abodes, check out the boutique’s bottle openers in the shape of birds at $30 each, and other doo-dads like Izola laundry bags at $39. If you’re a little more dressed with cash and can’t resist the occasional curious home object no matter the cost, you may want to ask about their Claustrom tape dispensers at $100 (who would need one of these beats me, but in the mixed bag of Manhattan I’d bet my overly-priced rent that there are at least a handful of eccentrics out there who couldn't possibly do without out one).

Many consumers appreciate the shop for its appealing yet under-the-radar designers and items. Further, the store has been praised for its helpful but not aggressive sales staff as well as their occasional discount events.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

9 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10014
(212) 924-0604