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Paper Source


Neighborhood: SoHo
Type of Place: Stationery Card Shops


Paper Source is a mystical depot of stationery, paper, wedding and event necessities, personalized gifts, gift wrap, crafting kits, how-to workshops and more. The first Paper Source was opened in Chicago in 1983 for the sole purpose of showcasing exquisite handcrafted paper from across the globe. There are now more than 80 locations around the world, each with ever-evolving product development now offering reams of way more than just paper. Their online retail platform is booming, too.

This “paperie” is catching a lot of attraction lately, particularly because it is up against some major homeruns in NYC’s paper industry like Kate’s Paperie and Papyrus. But it is quickly lapping these other boutiques on account of many elements including its affordable and well-curated inventory, friendly customer service and valuable in-store assistance with DIY projects for turning your own artistic visions into reality. In fact, Paper Source’s mission is to inspire its clients to “Do Something Creative Every Day”. I happen to be an absolute paper fanatic. As the art of actual letter writing, non-electronic greeting card sending and jotting down ideas with a real pen becomes endangered, I feel little parts of myself becoming extinct, too. For that reason, I am an avid consumer of artisanal shops, and truly feel that Paper Source is the #1 go-to in NYC today.

Yes, I am that dorky that I make my own personalized greeting cards. I find everything I need here. To start, I love their A2 variety of notecards ($6 for a pack of 10 pieces) and accompanying envelopes ($3/10) which are available in every color of the rainbow. To embellish my cards, I occasionally use a rubber stamp or two (PS’s stamps can range anywhere from $25 for a set of three to $3 for a single). I currently own about 20 different rubber stamps from this shop, but my favorites are a hummingbird stamp ($5.95), a few border enhancing designs like a laurel filigree and a chalk swirl stamp ($7.95 each), and a whimsical anchor stamp ($7.95). Next up: pens, which I could write an entire review on alone. My favorites are black, finest-point tips (I have too many to list here) and for my greeting card projects I prefer Flair Felt Tip pens ($12.95/set of 12) and Ultrafine Sharpie Markers at 8-in-a-pack for $11.95. Paper punches, colored tape and ribbons, glitter and stickers offer just a smidgeon more of the items at Paper Source to help create cards that are a reflection of both me and my recipients.

Although I have never attended a craft workshop here, I have friends who have. The most recent, a bride-to-be, took a DIY wedding invitation workshop and she was floored by the experience. At $13.50 for 2 hours alongside about 10 other participants, my girlfriend learned about different stocks of paper, lettering ideas, and inspiration for the massive combinations of color and design that are available when it comes to wedding prep. Plus, she received a 10% coupon for anything she purchased on the day of the class.

For unique greeting cards, gift wrapping needs including gift wrapping paper, bags, tissue scrapbooking products, pens and markers galore, and a mind-blowing beautiful collection of other high-quality, handcrafted products, this store has it all. So close up your laptop, shut your phone off for a few hours and bike to Paper Source now.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Paper Source
83 Spring St (Crosby St & Broadway)
New York, NY 10012
(646) 484-5764