Parke & Ronen

Parke & Ronen

Photo: Parke and Ronen

Neighborhood: Chelsea
Type of Place: Men's Clothing

I'm drawn in to Parke & Ronen by sharp, stylish menswear in the windows. Inside I find out that the designers, Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkal, are a (guy-guy) couple who, the saleswoman tells me, met on a club dance floor back in the 90s and have maintained a personal and professional partnership since. That's a great story and I wish them the best, but there's nothing exclusively "guys who date guys" about these clothes—unless guys who date guys are the only guys allowed to have style. And though we all know that straight men are often fashion challenged, I'm pretty sure it's not a requirement. Actually, I imagine that many of them could enhance their girl-getting abilities with clothes like these.

The clothes are primarily from the Parke & Ronen line; the accessories are from a variety of sources. I start with the handsome winter hats, only recently delivered: If we've got to have winter, we might as well embrace its warm and fuzzy add-ons. My favorite is a beautiful cable-knit number with ear flaps in a color called "Deep Sea," designed by Coal ($48). And a grey knit style with a removable band, a pompom, and cute button detail, also from Coal, will go with any coat ($48).

Yummy "double layer" sweaters feature a loose-knit cashmere layer over a solid layer in wool ($150). Gorgeous oxford shirts (I especially love the wide array of blues) start at $138. There's a sale on t-shirts, which of course, when paired with jackets or sweaters, will see you right through the fall. I love a magenta number with an airplane print (originally $58, now 30% off). Graphic t's start at $28; the navy style with the light blue elephant is charming and fun.

For add-ons, there are sneakers, caps, gloves, and scarves—all the makings of a casually dashing get-up. The resort line (for those who'll be "wintering" elsewhere) comes out in November, but meanwhile there are some great-looking shorts left over from summer, now 70% off.

"This is a neighborhood store, and people don't want to be seen wearing the same thing," the salesgirl explains. Therefore everything here is offered in fairly limited editions, insuring that you'll look both put-together and unique. As I take notes, I see all kinds of shoppers drift in and out. The only thing that seems to unify them is that they've got an eye for what looks good.   - Pamela Grossman

Parke & Ronen
176 Ninth Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-4245