Pearl River Mart (No.2)

Pearl River Mart (No.2)


Neighborhood: Chinatown
Type of Place: Theme Stores

Stepping into Pearl River feels like you’ve walked into a shopping-mall version of Canal Street, or any city’s version of Chinatown. Here, instead of disorganized, dingy storefronts that you can barely turn around in, you find a vast and varied selection of Chinese (and some Japanese) goods, for only slightly higher prices than you’d pay by bartering down in Chinatown. Upstairs, you’ll find traditional Chinese garments, bags, and shoes; further back are Chinese grocery items and—my favorite—a fantastic assortment or pottery and dishware—from teapots to sushi sets, and everything in between. Dowstairs, you’ll find items of a more practical nature, like chopsticks, everyday dishware, woks, and cooking utensils. There are also window hangings, paper products, and toys. Chances are, something in this shop will catch your eye! Pearl River is also a great immigrant success story – a group of merchants opened the shop over 25 years ago as a small shop, but before long it evolved as the first Chinese-American department store, dedicated to offering Americans high-quality Chinese goods. – Molly, Summer 2005

Pearl River Mart (No.2)
200 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-1010