Pier Glass

Pier Glass

Photo: Pier Glass

Neighborhood: Red Hook
Type of Place: Glass/Glass-Blowing

The brand new Fairway in Red Hook has an equally brand new outdoor
eating area (with a great view) and shiny boats to carry shoppers and their
wares into and out of the neighborhood--which, despite development,
still doesn't have a subway station nearby. But I didn't know until I
stumbled on it that this Fairway is also flanked by a neighborhood
stalwart--a shop and studio reminiscent of the area's long-held artistic
character, which I hope it will always retain to some real degree.

Pier Glass is owned and run by married couple Mary Ellen Buxton and
Kevin Kutch, glass-blowing artists who've worked in the area for 13 years.
This big, light-filled space is both studio and showcase for the couple
and three of their colleagues: Alison Ruzsa, Elliott Rosenstein, and
Stacey Sandow. In addition to art-glass pieces, Pier Glass offers
lighting fixtures and glass restoration.

I loved the beads ($3) and earrings (from $25); the glasses ($20 each,
6 for $100); the "color-drop" vases in green, purple, or blue ($70),
which use good old gravitational force to distribute the hues; and the
perfume bottles (regularly $110; some now 30% off). And I especially
flipped for the bubble-like glass-ball ornaments, which can be used as
extra-special holiday hangings or as luminous decorations at any time of
year. The bigger ones (called Cindy Lou, for the heroic Who child in "How
the Grinch Stole Christmas") are $75; a smaller size (Mimi Lou, named
for a Pier Glass client) is $45.

Last, but certainly not least: Those enchanted by the wares here (and
there will be a lot of you) can sign up for a one-hour private
glass-blowing guided tutorial ($100; call ahead). This is a chance to become
familiar with the craft without committing the time and money to a longer
course; and the result of your session, included in the price, will be
yours to take home.

I had to catch my breathe when I walked in here--it's a lively and
beautiful spot, well worth a visit. Sit for a while by the river afterward,
and enjoy Red Hook--before the masses arrive....
  - Pamela Grossman

Pier Glass
499 Van Brunt
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 237-2073