Posman Books

Posman Books

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Neighborhood: Rockefeller Center
Type of Place: Books


Posman Books, a mini-chain of three locations (Grand Central Terminal, Chelsea Market and Rockefeller Center) in NYC is many a New Yorker’s go-to for getting their bookworm fix whether it be in the form of books, stationery, toys or postcards. The store has been around for more than 20 years making it a stalwart pillar in the bookselling community. In fact, the store was touted as Best Bookstore in New York Magazine in 2012.

The store has an indescribable allure to it that draws customers in and has them browsing for hours. Aside from their massive selection of books, you’ll find calendars, toys, notebooks including the popular Moleskin line, comics, and more. They even carry a substantial line of reading material for young readers. You’ll find all genres here including literature, cookbooks, fashion, humor, music, architecture and more.

I frequent the Chelsea location mostly, particularly because I’ve got two kids and the store carries a massive kids collection in the back where I can set my critters for hours while I look around for my own goodies. I recently noticed that the Chelsea Posman carries an impressive selection of classics as well as some unique novelty books that I’m sure are exclusive to the store. The greeting card collection is inspiring and will have you making up reasons to send some snail mail to a loved one even if just to say “look at this cool card I found!”.

Prices at Posman are a bit steeper than one would like, but I find it worth it considering the outstanding experience of simply browsing through the store. Not to mention you can top off your visit to Posman with some delectable treats elsewhere in the Chelsea Market.  Another thing I adore at Posman is their collection of Staff Picks. The selection always seems to carry titles I have never heard of but instantly want to devour. I recently purchased “Household Words” ($13.95) and “Wanderlove” ($9.99). I flipped through “The Leopard” ($16), a book about Italy with intense descriptions of the region as well as its food, perfect for satisfying my Italian heritage.

No matter the location, Posman books will not let you down. While it’s famous for being a perfect browsing spot, you’ll no doubt walk out with a title or two, a handful of cards or postcards to either send or hang as wall decor . The bookshop’s got a mesmerizing, addictive allure that I’ve yet to feel even in the most indie of booksellers in New York City.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Posman Books
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
(212) 489-9100