Neighborhood: Downtown
Type of Place: Night Clubs


Quest: The aspect of travel that allows the storyteller to showcase exotic locations. With that being said, we welcome you to experience New York's newest and most breathtaking destination... Beautiful decor from from floor to ceiling Quest is an all new venue attracting New York's most trendy and stylish individuals. With a state of the art Lazer/Lighting/Sound System, Comes complete with a 52foot Bar located in the main Room with over 30 plush Luxury Vip area's 40inch TV screen's surrounding this beautifully decorated new establishment. Tho smaller the "Red"Room equally matches Quest larger area containing many plush VIP sections Tv screen's and amazing Lazer/Light and Sound System quality with a separate bar for Private events. Quest also comes equipt with a vast selection of food and flavorful selection of Hookah's 7days a week all for your enjoyment.

  - J.Berry 6/12

27 Park Place
(Church Ave & Broadway)
New York, NY 10007