Quarter Bar

Quarter Bar

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: South Slope
Type of Place: Bars

Tucked away on the outskirts of Park Slope you'll find the Quarter Bar, where the beer is flowing and cocktails rule. The space has a cozy feel with its dark wood and lots of candles, and the crowd is quite friendly. Drinks are displayed on blackboards above the bar. That's where you'll find David Moo carefully crafting some of the best-tasting cocktails you’ll find in Brooklyn.

From a Plantation ($9), infused with basil to a Greenport Cooler ($8) with cucumber and mint, all of the drinks are made with the utmost precision and fine liquors. We even got David to make us a perfect Mai Tai, complete with a sour cherry and orange wedge pierced by a paper umbrella. It was among the best I’ve tasted in years with just a hint of cinnamon. It also packed quite a punch.

And while food is not the star attraction here, there are DUB Pies from Red Hook and a meat-and-cheese platter available. You can also bring your own meat for grilling on a backyard barbecue. Just kick back with one of those fabulous cocktails!
  - Thomas Rafael

Quarter Bar
676 Fifth Ave (20th St)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 788-0989