Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves

Photo: R.B.W.

Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Type of Place: Women's Clothing Handbags


If you’ve never been to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, here is a great reason to hop on the G Train and get ready to throw your wallet to the Wolves. While I don’t spend a lot of time in the area myself, I have often taken trips just to check out this shop. Raised by Wolves is a punk-infused yet charming – and reasonably priced – boutique. If you don’t walk in and immediately sense that the shop owner has an unimpeachable eye for plucking out the fashion world's most peculiar, spectacular and high-quality clothing, you may need some fashion coaching. The trance-y, bass-infused music you hear when you step in will undoubtedly woo you, too.

The shop howls alongside similarly stylish yet not-too-pricey stores like the popular Alter, but Wolves has a sharper edge. You’ll find popular brands like the bohemian line Free People and the skater lover's Vans. But what makes Wolves more wild are the items and brands that lay on the more obscure end of the rainbow including Sanqvist toiletry bags, Penfield trailwear bags and others.

There’s been some chitchat in the fashion arena regarding this shop's line of Zig Zag shoes, which are classic, simple shoes for men made out of uber-comfy hopsack canvas (the beige ones I had a look at were priced at $24). K-Way is another brand in the shop raising the brows of locals. K-Way's jackets are appealing aesthetically and cost-wise – and because of their functionality. They are lightweight, bright-colored, totally-waterproof jackets that you can practically fold up and shove in your hobo bag as soon as the sun comes out. A bubble gum-pink pullover hoodie/ windbreaker caught my eye at $50. 

I love that the shop is also peppered with pins and T-shirts brandishing images of hard-hitting icons like Patti Smith, Mike Tyson and Iggy Pop – it definitely festered the femme fatale in me. (Couple that with their line of Southwest-inspired switchblades and corkscrews, and I was ready to party). Other items that drew my attention were scarves handmade in Mexico by Sixter ($52) and Mochila bags (Venezuelan) which ran the price gamut from $100 to $300).

The store is a major supporter of local artists and is charity-conscious, too. For instance, Wolves recently sold a line of limited-edition bandannas featuring designs by Brooklyn artist, Dan Funderburgh – and 100% of the proceeds went to organizations assisting in the recovery process of those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The laid-back but not snobby crew of customer support at Raised by Wolves is just the cherry on top of an avante-garde fashion sundae. The store is a definite pearl – from its feral edge to its good Samaritan-ism; a must-shop-at  for sure.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

Raised by Wolves
174 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(347) 889-5798
Map Hours: Mon – Sat 12 – 8, Sun 12 – 7