Rink Bar

Rink Bar

Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: Rockefeller Center
Type of Place: Bars

Rockefeller Center to a true New Yorker conjures images of crowds, tourists and the chaos of Christmas in the city. Summer in Rockefeller Center brings a distinctively different vibe at Rink Bar. With the ice melted away and New Yorkers starting to swelter in the summer heat, drinking or dining outdoors isn't always an easy feat. Rink Bar offers a relaxed outdoor option to a stuffy after work pub. Rink Bar is a great place to grab some food and drinks al fresco. The bar has a festive feel with a tropical canopy and colorful umbrellas lining the tables. As the sun goes down, lights twinkle on the trees above and pop tunes sway the twenty-something crowd to sing along after a few drinks. The mostly after work and hipster crowd stake their claim to the bar. Surprisingly, tourists do not really plague the Rink Bar, as many New Yorkers would imagine. The drink menu offers up everything from beer to frozen drinks to flavored mojitos. The food is excellent with a variety offered on the new American menu. We ordered a few appetizers to accompany our drinks. The stone-ground guacamole and tortilla chips were great. We also nibbled on fried calamari and an antipasto appetizer. So whether you are looking to take a date out under the stars or for some cocktails with a group of friends, Rink Bar is a great summertime gem.   - Jennifer Voit

Rink Bar
Rockefeller Center
5th Ave bet. 49th and 50th Sts
New York, NY 10017
(212) 332-7620