Neighborhood: Flatiron District
Type of Place: Lounges


ROAM pulls its patrons away from the traditional nightclub setting, instead aiming to channel the inner jetsetter in us all. Based upon the concept that no borders or limitations are experienced and the expectation of where the party may travel is irrelevant, ROAM's atmosphere allows for an ebb and flow of the your mindset. While New York City serves as the epicenter of the club and nightlife circuit, the rich and fabulous know better than to restrict themselves to one experience. Globalization has allowed for easier access to international lifestyles and ROAM reflects such changes in worldly views. Removing itself from the red velvet rope culture, ROAM is striving to do away with the pretensions that often come with elite club crowds and establish its own distinct personality.

  - Roam

5 East 19th Street
New York, NY 10003
(646) 580-1719