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Satya Jewelry

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Neighborhood: East 60s
Type of Place: Jewelry

Browsing through Satya Jewelry, I found myself thinking that if Madonna were my friend and I were going to a party for her, I'd get her something here. An odd thought, perhaps, as I've never laid eyes on Madge and am not anticipating invites to her parties in the very near future; but it turns out I wasn't incredibly far off. Though Madonna doesn't come up in the boutique's press, Susan Sarandon and Scarlett Johansen--two other talented powerhouses I'd happily befriend--are mentioned as customers; and Courtney Cox has linked with the Satya line for a charity-oriented jewelry project of her own.

Why did Madonna come to mind? Because the jewelry here has a combination of beauty, quality, and spiritual connectedness that I imagine would appeal to the Material Girl-turned-Kaballah devotee. And it certainly appealed to me, as well.

The stones used for Satya creations are labeled with the healing properties attributed to them by yogic traditions. So, a lovely garnet necklace ($78) identifies garnet as the stone of grounding and inner strength; jasper (interconnectedness) and green chalcedony (compassion and good will) shine from a gold chain ($58); an iolite necklace ($128) speaks of offering "inner knowlege"; and a blue quartz bracelet ($58) speaks of "power." Many pieces include charms with imagery of the moon ("protects and nourishes") or of a lotus ("new beginnings").

Designers Beth and Satya (the designer's yogi name, meaning "truth") want to create jewelry that reflects their spiritual priorities; but they also strive to put their profits where their values are. Thus their Satya Foundation, which helps introduce underpriveledged youths to yoga practice, in attempt to encourage physical and emotional well-being in an often-underserved population.

The shop I visited is tiny and not the most condusive to comfortable browsing; but I look forward to seeing the other locations: The West Village shop (330 Bleecker St., at Christopher) offers both jewelry and home accessories; and the Nolita spot (253 Centre St., at Broome) is both a jewelry shop and a yoga center. There's also another jewelry-only location, on the Upper West Side (2265 Bway, at 81st St.). With those various locations, I'll easily be able to prepare for a last-minute invite from Madonna; or for the special occasion of any other spiritually oriented woman who appreciates beautiful design-- and whose guest list I'm actually on.   - Pamela Grossman; Oct 26,2008

Satya Jewelry
946 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 288-3292