Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Sex Shops


Shag, the sexy, hip, and happening Williamsburg gift shop, is so fun and inclusive that even the uptight among us won’t blush. Yes, Shag carries all the toys that you might expect (many of them deluxe handmade items that look more like art objects than sex toys) but Shag stocks so much more that the toys could almost be an afterthought.

Co-owned by artist/sculptor Samantha Bard and Ashley Mongomery-Pulido, Shag has become quite a community darling for Brooklynites who stop in to see the sexy art shows. Look for rotating exhibits throughout the year as well as unique paintings and sculptures that remain on display from past shows or sign up for an ongoing and diverse roster of workshops on everything from writing erotica to learning how to plaster cast your boyfriend’s member (or your partner’s pregnant belly). Photographer Ellen Stagg’s gorgeous images of beautiful women in various stages of undress were on view at the time of our visit and will be shown and sold through June 18. All of the art that’s exhibited at Shag is affordable, as the space is meant to foster an ongoing dialogue about “identity, gender, and human sexuality that is inviting and open,” according to its owners.

Still, there’s plenty of room for tongue and cheek at Shag, which was recently named by New York magazine as the city's best sex shop. Besides the aforementioned personal items, it showcases tons of cool, sexy cards, edgy jewelry by local and national designers, fancy home décor, and more sweet-smelling perfumes, potions, and lotions than the most girly girls among us could ever desire, including Stagg’s own signature scent (pictured) that’s so highly sought after.

But don’t stop there. Check out Shag’s delicious selection of silky nightgowns, lingerie, bustieres and camisoles. Expect a hearty selection of delicate lace, frills, feathers and anything else that feels great next to bare skin (including cute boy shorts that are repurposed from recycled fabrics), and satin sheets and accent pillows. The provocative, sometimes vintage “pin-up” theme continues in Shag’s selection of household accents like playful coasters/tiny glass art prints (pictured) to fun aprons, magnets, and a selection of nesting dolls, which may also be custom ordered to showcase you or your loved one’s image.

We love the locally designed ruffled panties by Sweet Paine ($18), the earrings made from 35mm slides ($16) and the vintage Times Square peep show token pendant and bullet jewelry by Astali (pictured). In fact, there is so much to explore at Shag that you’ll want to inspect some of its racier merchandise. After all, you can always quickly cry foul and focus your attentions elsewhere if needed, like on something more benign.

Shag is the perfect place to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, anniversary celebrations, bachelorette parties (or even to have the party, as the rear of the store doubles as a studio), girls’ nights out, or just to pick up something thoughtful for your partner. We guarantee that you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a happier ending later.

  - Joann Jovinelly

108 Roebling St
(at North 6th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 721-3302

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