Photo: Sleep

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Type of Place: Bedding/Linens Lighting

I wandered into Williamsburg's sleek, chic Sleep thinking, "Ah--a shop
dedicated to sleeping. Cute idea." But wait. Here were sexy, lacy bras.
Who sleeps in a bra? And here was delicate jewelry--lovely to look at,
but wouldn't it tangle while you dream?

"The shop's theme is based on the boudoir," says owner Hannah Curtin.
"We carry what you'd choose in that kind of setting." Ah--that makes
more sense. Some of this stuff might lend itself perfectly to sleeping,
but other offerings are best suited to--well, tiring you out before
sleep; let's put it that way.

Everything here, whatever its purpose, has big style. And everything
leans more toward modern than frou-frou--no frothy florals or overly
assertive frills. There are, for example, rose-print pillowcases ($50
each), but they're an elegant grey, with the roses outlined in dark purple.
Lavender sachets a girly-girl staple, are represented here in sets of
2: one with a heart and "Be Mine," the other with a skull and
crossbones (hand-embroidered, 2 for $40, from Challengher).

I've sniffed many scented candles in my shopping days, and it often
seems I've become immune to their charms. But once in a while, a candle
can still make an impression. That happened here with candles from
Voluspa: the Sake Lemon and Saijo Persimmon ($6 for a votive, $12 for a tin)
were amazingly yummy, and, though trying to maintain a professional
demeanor, I inhaled their scents with abandon quite a few times.

Small decorative plates in various smart patterns (perfect for holding
the jewelry you, after all, don't want to sleep in) are $15; a flip
book depicting an old-fashioned striptease is $6. A wide array of lingerie
is available; I liked the black or grey chemises from Poet New York,
though, distracted by their soft fabric, I forgot to write down their

"Sleep"? Sure--eventually. But this shop's got supplies for a whole
night, only the conclusion of which need involve sleeping.

  - Pamela Grossman; April 20, 2008

110 North 6th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 384-3211