Swatch III

Swatch III


Neighborhood: East 70s
Type of Place: Theme Stores

Believe it or not, Swatch watches were once intended to be disposable watches – but instead they became hugely collectible. The Swatch stores are appealing to casual Swatch wearers, as well as to Swatch afficianados who can bring watches here for repair and parts from “Dr. Swatch.” The stores have a Pop-Art flair, and fit in well to the surrounding surreality of Times Square. Much like the the Nike store is a shrine to sneakers, the Swatch store is a place where you can come as casual observer, and yet be swept away into the allure of the brand. You may just find yourself leaving with a funky, fun, stylin’ disposable swatch watch of your very own! – Molly, September 2005

Swatch III
5 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022
(212) 317-1100