Sweet William

Sweet William

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Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights
Type of Place: Kids

Think you've noticed a lot of pregnant gals around lately? It may be economic: Some conjecture that while leaner times = couples staying home more often, private time at home = well...the chance for more babies. For the showers that may be to come in your life, Bronagh Staley's Sweet William has the goods.

I was drawn in (with two friends, who also were cooing) by the stuffed animals. The offerings from Hansa are especially engaging: lifelike but not too disconcertingly so, and with a lovely variety of creatures. My favorites were the sheep ($48, in white or grey); but the squirrel holding a nut ($38) and the bunny ($38, with adjustable ears!) were also truly aaaaaw-worthy. Simultaneously snuggly and beautiful is a purple bird with little white eggs, tucked into a brown nest; all are hand-knit from wool by a local artisan ($44—and unique/lovely enough to become an heirloom).

Unisex t-shirts are $34 (I loved a blue one with fireflies); shorts are $24; a grey t-shirt printed with "J'adore" and matching leggings with a star on the tush are $48 for the set. Price points vary, accommodating various budgets; and shop owner Staley explains that especially for the higher-priced items, she tends to pick things that are unisex and can be handed down from a brother to a sister or vice versa. (One such garment is a charming blue-and-white-striped sweater in cotton, $68).

Accessories for little girls are always some of the cutest things going, and the selection here doesn't disappoint: I loved the flowered hairbands in orange or green ($34) and a brightly colored pom-pom necklace ($22). The dresses, while not necessarily unisex, are often very affordable and always adorable. If a white dress printed with a pink octopus with heart-shaped eyes ($42) were available in my size, I'd try it on in a heartbeat.

"What are you going to write?" one friend asked as we were leaving. "I'm going to say this is a great shop and that I could have written about all the stock—that they'll have to come by to see what they like most, but everything here is pretty terrrific and well-made," I answered. Keep Sweet William in mind for the parents-to-be in your circle; and hey, for yourself, if the baby-boomlet is hitting close to home.   - Pamela Grossman

Sweet William
112 North 6th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 218-6946