The Big Screen Plaza

The Big Screen Plaza


Neighborhood: West 30s
Type of Place: Plazas

Pulsing between 29th to 30th Streets at 6th Avenue, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Big Screen Plaza‘s 30 x 16 ft. HD-format LED screen is a new nexus of the city’s cultural life. Established in 2010, the 10,000-square foot outdoor multimedia venue hosts major events and screenings of an eclectic mix, ranging from cinema to sports, from the arts to fashion. BSP has hosted major media events and has partnered with the Wine and Food Festival, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, the New Art Dealer’s Alliance, the Streaming Museum, Leaders in Software and Art, Telegraph21 and more… The BSP is featuring Movie Nights with an array of classic films from all genres in an urban incarnation of the old drive-in. The Arts are well represented at the BSP, featuring the best works by video and animation artists. We also support New York arts schools by showcasing fine work by these emerging talents. To enhance this experience, visitors can enjoy the sumptuous offerings of the FoodParc, BeerParc and the sophisticated atmosphere of Bar Basque. Big Screen Plaza‘s ongoing aim is to serve as a nodal point for entertainment as well as cutting-edge cultural innovation coming out of New York and elsewhere.   - Emily, 11/19/2011

The Big Screen Plaza
851 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10001
(212) 533-4100