The Bookmark Shoppe

The Bookmark Shoppe


Neighborhood: Bay Ridge
Type of Place: Books


Aside from the fact that independent bookstores are dropping like flies; aside from the fact that that this is a bookstore and knitting workshop all rolled up in one. Throw in the fact that this shop is the only (yes, ONLY) bookshop in Bay Ridge and, as a resident of this humble but upcoming region of Brooklyn, to this I shout out a boisterous AMEN! I have been frequenting The Bookmark Shoppe for as long as I can remember, and the place has offered consistent pleasurable service, a more than decent literary collection, and a dash of reasonably priced gifts and knitting goods and workshops that are ever-gaining in popularity within the neighborhood.

One of the highlights of entering a smallish book vendor is being able to get lost in it – alone. I value my space and my time to take in the colorful sea of spines, the scent of actual books and the freedom to just tinker about in my own little world. You will be afforded that liberty here. That’s not to say the service is unavailable – in fact they are always at your call but don’t smother, and can special order title (with a turnaround time that beats any other shop I’ve come across thus far). While I am at it I need to give kudos to Monique, my favorite salesperson who carries a grace I find incredibly calming. Whether during a transaction or just for simple talk, I always enjoy a few minutes spent with Monique – which should speak volumes about the shop itself.

The Bookmark Shoppe has an impressive collection of Literature/Classics and Fantasy/Sci-Fi books. (Unfortunately Best Seller prices do run a bit steep, but ya gotta throw an indie bookstore a bone now and then). You will also find Test Prep/Reference books as well as Cooking, Art selections, and other inventory certain to catch your attention. In the front of the store you’ll find a $1 table overflowing with some real gems (unlike most other bargain tables piled with misfits that give off the feeling they will never sell anyway). I have laid down at least twenty bucks on this table alone – they are all in such mint condition that at times I wonder if titles got misplaced there and I am stealing!

Their charming array of gifts consists of wrapping paper ($3.95/roll), candles like a salt and caramel pretzel I spotted (and sniffed about ten times) for $8.95, several racks of greeting cards including those “On the Day You Were Born” birthday cards (I learned that Charlie’s Angels and Happy Days were the most popular shows on television and a movie tickets cost two bucks during the year I was born) at $5.99 a pop. Charms, personalized bookmarks and magnets, pens, are just a few other gift items you’ll spot here, too.

In the back of the shop, you’ll find what appears at first glance to be a mini day-care center minus the milk spills and whiny tots. A set of primary-colored tables and chairs in the midst of a children’s book selection offers the perfect place for parents to plop their kids down and catch some much needed down time. This is also where the knitting action happens. Classes are held several times a week and are catered to both beginners and experts alike. For a full list of classes and prices, you’ll have to contact the shop, as schedules and prices change quite a bit – but I can tell you they are reasonable, and the courses themselves are small, so you can be sure to get some quality one-one-one instruction, if that’s what you need. They also offer writing workshops, arts n’ crafts workshops and story time for kids, book signings and readings and more…so ask about these, too!

  - Janice Bevilacqua

The Bookmark Shoppe
8415 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 833-5115