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The Seattle-meets-London spring we've been having will, in my opinion, lead to a summer of many impromptu picnics and barbecues—quick, outside before it rains again! And The Brooklyn Kitchen stands ready with all the gear to help you with each stage of your celebrations, be they impromptu or planned.

As you head out for grocery shopping, grab a foldable shopping bag; various sizes and styles are available here, from $5.99. Back at home, store your spices in sleek spice bottles, $2.99.

All the gear you might need to prepare a meal—everything, in other words, but the kitchen sink!—is ready here: pans, mixers, bowls, cookbooks, and so on. I liked an 8-piece mixing-bowl set ($54.99); the "backyard bugs" muffin pan (muffins shaped like insects—the kids will eat 'em up!), $33.99; the wide selection of cutting boards (from $20); the cookie cutters, from 99 cents (in the shapes of flowers, mittens, and apples, among other sweet things); the strawberry huller, $2.95; the assortment of environment-friendly Sigg water bottles, fr. $17.99; and a cheery yellow crockpot, originally $50, now 40% off. Especially recommended, for usefulness and versatility, by one of the shop's staff members were the "floursack" sets of 3 large towels ($9.95 per set). They can festively line a bowl used for muffins, bagels, etc.; hold your dough when the recipe calls for it to be wrapped in cloth; and, of course, dry your pots and dishes.

Staying inside? Don't worry; your meal doesn't have to be a disappointment. Sturdy ceramic coffee mugs ($4.95 each) are printed with butterflies and florals in pretty shades; and coasters will launch you into cocktail hour (I loved the set of 6 glass coasters, for $10, printed with the dictionary definition of "drunk," "sober," "tipsy," "wasted," "plastered," and "hungover").

And now, excuse me, but I think I see the sun; and I hear a barbecue calling my name!
  - Pamela Grossman

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