The Double 7

The Double 7


Neighborhood: Meatpacking District
Type of Place: Lounges


If the meatpacking district has somehow failed to offer enough variety in after hours social scenes, yet another triumphant hot spot has come to the rescue. The Double 7, previously open from 2005-2007, is now back in business just a few blocks from its old location. Look for an inconspicuous door nestled above the cobblestone street with just one velvety, yet difficult to penetrate rope.  

If you do make it past that rope, you will enter a sleek cavern-like structue as your mind conjures up the possibilities of what lies ahead.   Inside, the room is very intimate and very dark, with just a few tables set around curved leather sofas.  Across from the black lacquered bar is a stunning display of gleaming glass orbs lighting up the wall in red.  But the real excitement lies behind the bar, where the famed mixology of Double 7 brews.  The lounge boasts a unique list of specialty cocktails that I can assure you are every bit delicious as they claim. My favorite, the Gold Rush, made with bourbon, lemon, and honey is just as tasty as its smooth golden color is enticing. Other excellent choices include the Peach Blow Fizz, an exciting combination of gin, lemon, heavy cream, strawberries and egg whites, and the Venezolana made with Anejo rum, coffee liqueur, and a cream float.

There is also a marvelous selection of non-alcoholic cocktails like the Maiden Bramble with blackberries, lemon and simple syrup, and the East Side Girl boasting lime, cucumber and mint.  You will also find a champagne list with some prices reaching into the stratosphere, while an assortment of craft beers will help guide you back down to earth.

Double 7 is a great place to start the night.  A few drinks in a deliciously sexy and cool venue in a prime location embodies what most New Yorkers desire for an evening, almost any day of the week.

  - Rachel Sult

The Double 7
63 Gansevoort St
New York, NY 10014
(646) 20490-8925