The East Corner Company

Neighborhood: East 80s
Type of Place: Antiques/Crafts


A visit to The East Corner Company is like a visit to a museum. The shop specializes in Chinese antiquities and offers everything from Buddhist sculptures to rare jade and antique furniture.  A black jade Bixie, which resembles a smiling Lion and dates back to the Early Ming Dynasty, is used to ward off evil. The 3-1/2 inch figure sells for $1,500. A detailed limestone carving of Bodhisattva, dates back to 550 AD, and serves as a symbol of enlightenment (no price given). You'll also find rare blue Ming vases and bowls. We fell in love with a hand blown glass duck that was amber in color with tiny flecks of gold ($1,800). You'll also find wooden door panels for sale with intricate latticework, and heavy Ming style dresser tables with ornate latches and hiddens draws. We wanted to buy everything.

  - Thomas Rafael

The East Corner Company
230 East 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 628-1286