The Styleliner

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District
Type of Place: Jewelry Handbags Accessories


This city is filled with some of the best food trucks in the country and on any given street corner New Yorkers know exactly where to find their cuisine of choice.  But, could you locate your favorite jewelry truck?  I’d have to say no, because for the most part this is still a pretty unfamiliar concept.  In drives Joey Wolffer, Founder and Creative Director of The Styleliner, a mobile accessories boutique.  After years of working for more traditional brands like Nine West and Jones Apparel Group, Wolffer, born and bred in New York City, took her career down an unconventional path by purchasing a truck and selling her wares onboard.

I found Wolffer and her retailer coordinator, Esme Yozell, parked downtown on Washington Street in the Meatpacking District.  When I first walked up to the vehicle I had no idea what I was looking at or the purpose of it being at the curb.  It was clearly not a food truck.  Then I noticed the sign on the side of the truck.  Like some of the other spectators around me I stood there a bit perplexed and wondered whether or not I should peek inside.  I saw a few people getting out, so I asked if I could come in and was greeted with a smile and an encouraging yes!  Wolffer was inside, but busy with another customer, so I chatted with Yozell.  She assured me not to sweat my reaction, it was a common one.

Once inside you’ll find treasures from all over the world and every piece, as Yozell tells me, comes with a story.  One such story includes a designer in Beirut whose handbags are made by incarcerated women.  These women do such an incredible job that when they are released from prison the designer hires them on the spot.  Draws are filled with beaded necklaces, indigenous bracelets, artsy jean jackets embellished with dangling coins, beads, and funky buttons and so much more.  And feel free to open them up on your own and look inside, they’re pretty laid back here and want their customers to feel comfortable.

What makes Joey Wolffer’s Styleliner a unique place to shop, apart from the obvious out of the ordinary approach, is that it’s not just about the sale here.  They enjoy sharing their purchasing adventures and the interesting tales connected to all of the accessories they sell.

  - Andrea Muller

The Styleliner
Washington Street
(Location may vary)
New York, NY 10006

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