The Village Scandal

Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Hat Shops

The Village Scandal, a charming East Village hat shop, takes the
"customer friendly" concept to new heights. It's open until midnight (how's
that for convenient?); there's free champagne on weekdays for all
browsers; and the staff keeps notebooks with customers' phone numbers and
preferences, to notify them when inventory they might especially want has
come in. It's sort of like having your own personal shopper, without
having to pay for one.

And speaking of (not) paying, prices here are super-reasonable. Hats
start at $18, a bargain given their quality; most cost less than $60 or
so. We liked lots of what we saw, including a checked wool-blend bucket
hat (in brown and grey or pink and grey, $25); a "star fedora" ($32) in
red or black canvas with subtly shiny stars; and a red-cable newsboy
cap ($25). For $58 you can have a hat custom made--constructed to your
(or a friend's) exact measurements, style choice, and fabric selection.

Great vintage scarves are $4 (another bargain), and there's a cute
selection of jewelry and hair accessories, also affordable. What could be
better? How's this: a percentage of all proceeds goes to animal-rescue
charities (owner Wendy Barrett is more than a little bit fond of her
cat, Buttons, who's pictured on the door and known to make occasional
in-store appearances). Fun, chic, friendly, intimate, affordable,
altruistic, and open late: without question, this is our kind of store, and
we're willing to bet it'll be yours as well.
  - Pamela Grossman; Sep 22, 2005

The Village Scandal
19 E. 7th St. (betw. 2nd and 3rd Ave.)
New York, NY 10003