The living Room Lounge

Neighborhood: Park Slope
Type of Place: Lounges

I was drawn into this place by a leaflet being handed out for a free "Happy Hour" drink. Being one never to turn down free liquor I found myself in The Living Room Lounge. The song "Kid" by the Pretenders was playing in the background as I entered what turned out to be a pretty large, dimly lit space cluttered with all sorts of flea market counches and love seats. Some looked like they may have been found on the curb. Antique chandeliers provide the lighting with an active pool table adding to the mood. Drinks were strong and cheap, at least during Happy Hour.
  - Thomas Rafael; Oct 30, 2005

The living Room Lounge
245 23rd Street (Near 5th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-1505