Three Angels

Three Angels

Photo: Two Angels

Neighborhood: West 50s
Type of Place: Gift Shops Jewelry


UPDATE: Two Angels is now known as Three Angels with a new location on West 57th Street!

I've got friends in from out of town this weekend—beautiful, high-spirited women for whose charms the song "I Enjoy Being a Girl" could have been written. While they were getting mani/pedis (not in blah neutrals, of course, but in blue and lavender and orange), I took a walk down the street and discovered Two Angels, a happy monument to the fact that girlhood exists at any age.

There was, in fact, a girl who looked to be in high school shopping there with her Mom. But most of the other customers were "girls" in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. And why not? The merchandise here is so pretty—why put limits on it?

Some items, like a cluster-of-pearls bracelet in pink and cream that gave the effect of sweet pearl raindrops ($49) and a silver bracelet adorned with a pearl flower ($85), are designed in-house; others come from around the world. I loved a Swarofsky crystal lilac-and-violet hair clip ($20); hair "sticks," also Swarofsky-decorated, in red, blue, silver, or gold ($18); a gorgeous garnet, marcasite, and silver necklace ($39); a pink-cubic-zirconia-hearts necklace (now 50% off of $189); and pearl earrings that look like bunches of grapes ($55). There's also a $10 earring rack; I bough a pair with sterling-silver circle charms and may go back for the matching ankle bracelet (now 1/2 off $75). But there's so much to admire here, in a rainbow of colors and many different styles, from the tailored to the earthy to the girly-and-beyond.

In addition to jewelry, there are oil lamps, candles (one shaped like a martini, $35), body creams, belts, and some very cute bags (I loved one in cream muslin printed with black vines, $25). Whatever you're looking for, you'll likely find something in stock that help you or a beloved female revel in Girl Power.

  - Pamela Grossman; June 20, 2009

Three Angels
205 West 57th St
New York, NY 10065
(212) 245-5444