Trapeze School New York

Trapeze School New York

Photo: Carol Haynes

Neighborhood: West Village
Type of Place: Sports Facilities

Forget partying at Times Square, being on the top of the Empire State Building, and frolicking around Central Park. One of the things you must do when in New York City is to take a trapeze class at Trapeze School NYC (TSNY). I’m afraid of heights, but this seemed like a fun, if not crazy, challenge. It’s a bit pricey; an average class is $57 and first-timers pay a “one-time only” $22 registration fee. But if this is one of the things you want to do at least once in your life, and running away to the circus is not a very appetizing option, then do it. They also offer other classes, such as juggling, trampoline and acrobatics for those who are so inclined.

Come at least fifteen minutes early to calm yourself down and see what the experiences flyers are doing. Everything is reasonably safe; all students wear harnesses, and are carefully advised on what to do. Expect to have about four opportunities to swing, do a knee hang, do a back flip, or have a staff member catch you. I would recommend bringing a camera so a friend can take photos for posterity, instead of having to pay for it courtesy of the TSNY camera monitoring all your highs and lows. Wear loose comfortable clothing and socks, and leave all jewelry behind, lest you want to spend some time crawling under nets trying to find it.

The instructors are a seasoned bunch – a number of them move on to professional careers in the circus. As such, don’t expect people to hold your hand and console you when you don’t make the catch. This is not a pajama party. However, in spite of fears, they’re right about one thing: it’s extremely addictive. I can’t wait to go back.   - Cat Young

Trapeze School New York
Houston St and the West Side Highway
(Pier 40)
New York, NY 10014