Tribal Soundz

Tribal Soundz


Neighborhood: East Village
Type of Place: Music

Tribal Soundz is the kind of store where you can easily lose yourself. And you really don't know where you'll show up. It could be on the Ivory Coast, in Senegal or India listening to the traditional beat of the djembe or tabla drums. Or maybe in Australia mesmerized by the sounds of the digeridoo.

At Tribal Soundz you'll find instruments that span the globe . There are bongos and Persian Zarbs, Tingsha bells, seed shakers, maracas and exotic wooden guitars. All exquisite to look at and to listen to.

The shop is a musical treat for both adults and children with lots of little gifts and chimes to choose from as well. Aside from selling instruments, Tribal Soundz also provides lessons on how to use them ($15 per workshops). So there's really nothing stopping you from picking up the sitar or the dumbek, a Middle Eastern bellydancing drum.

The shop also hosts children' parties complete with drum circles and musical games from around the world.   - Sam Sayegh

Tribal Soundz
340 East 6th St
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-5992