Triple Diamond Tattoo

Triple Diamond Tattoo


Neighborhood: Gowanus
Type of Place: Tattoos Oddities


Obscura brought the world of oddities to the surface with its reality TV show.  But it's not the only store in New York City specializing in odd things. At Triple Diamond Tattoo, part tattoo parlor and part odditity boutique, you will find all sorts of interesting stuff, from a hornets nest to a human skull.  On our visit we also spotted a two headed rabbit and what looked like a mummified cat.  There are creepy doll parts, preserved moths and tarantulas. You will also find antiques and jewelry.  And after you finish browsing, you get a skull; one to wear on your arm and maybe another to take home.

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  - J. Lin

Triple Diamond Tattoo
257 3rd Ave (Union & President St)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 222-2925