Vendy Awards

Vendy Awards
Vendy Awards

Type of Place: Street Vendors

Get ready for the Vendy Awards. Finally, New York City street vendors will get the recognition they deserve. The Street Vendor Project is asking New Yorkers to nominate their favorites, whether it's the guy on the corner selling kebabs or hot dogs. Or, your favorite cart for coffee and a bagel. To place your vote visit

In the meantime, here are a few of our favorites:

Kwik-Meal (45th Street & Sixth Ave.) is known for its gourmet cooking on wheels. Chef Rahman, who learned his trade at the Russian Tea Room, started offering “tiger shrimp,” along with his perfectly cooked kebabs and falafel sandwiches laced with jalepaño peppers. The food is always fresh and always good.

B.B. Sandwich Bar joined the vendor scene a year ago. It set up camp on 50th St, just off Avenue of the Americas. Look for the stainless steel cart with the big cut-out cow on top. Miraculously, their famous steak sandwiches are just as good on the street as you’ll find at their restaurant in Greenwich Village. For $4.50 you’ll get a sandwich packed with thin layers of perfectly cooked steak, melted cheese, fried onions and a tangy barbecue sauce. Cheesesteak heaven! On our visit, the chef was instructing his understudy to remember to “carmelize, not carbonize.” And believe me, they don’t miss a beat. People will be waiting on line for these babies.

Daisy May’s, which dishes up some of the city’s best ribs, is offering its gourmet chili from carts. A 12-ounce cup of beef chili, with cheese, sour cream and your choice of four diffeerent types of chili peppers will set you back six bucks, which may be a bit steep for some. You’ll find the carts near 40 Wall Street; 39th and Broadway and 50th Street just off Sixth Ave.

And don’t forget coffee and dessert. The Mud Truck (Astor Place, near the entrance to the 6 train) has created a loyal following for people fed up with Starbucks’ sky high prices.

Use the message board below to let us know where your favorite street vendors are located.

(Because street vendors are sometimes on the move, we can't vouch for the accuracy of the above locations. But this is where we found them last.)
  - Sam Sayegh

Vendy Awards
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