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Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Type of Place: Books


Oh, independent bookstores, how do I love thee? Let me count the number of corporations trying to knock you out of the literary ring! (Or not, since that’s kind of depressing). If you aren’t hip to the whole “Support Your Local Indie Bookstore” hullabaloo, I encourage you to check out Word: it may encourage you to join the movement or at least do a little research about how capitalism is steadfastly robbing of us of a lot of the small things that give us great pleasure these days. 

Let me interrupt the “book” part of this review to report that Word is much more than just a cool page-turner in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it hosts a lot of other neat stuff that may draw you in, bookworm or not. For example, they host a slew of monthly readings (all you need to do is attend one, and you are automatically entered into an annual raffle for free books!); or register your name with the store and you can receive $5 off every purchase over $50 dollars. They also host offlandish events like Banangrams tournaments (sometimes accompanied by free booze), and be sure to stay in-the-know about book signings, because they often feature local graphic artists – a funky type of gala you most likely will not see happening at B&N anytime soon.

Word is a small space, so be prepared to step aside to let other browsers pass through the aisles. But let this not deter you: the smaller the shop the higher you’ll get on that new-book smell (you know the one I’m talking about)! And for parents: don’t be scared to bring the tots, there are enough chairs and tables for budding readers to work on their ABC’s as you browse freely - and the shopkeepers will not frown on you leaving them to their lonesome.

The selection of books at Word is quite impressive. You will not find used books here, but they carry pretty much every genre of new publications you can imagine including Cooking, Literature, Antiques and Collectibles, Bible, Art books, Drama, Self-Help, Poetry and a lot more. As for prices, be prepared to spend a bit more than the average indie-book shop (for instance the Steve Jobs’ biography was $35 dollars), Man in the Empty Suit (Sean Ferrell), a book recently recommended to me and happens to be one of Word’s Top Picks is $24.95. But the experience is worth it, particularly if you are sick of throwing money towards the bully bookstores and are looking to spend an afternoon in a welcoming, cozy environment .

Word also carries lots of other paper-y stuff like gift cards (which range from about $4-$8 and are exceptionally well-crafted), stationery, journals, book ends, and other perfect gifts for literary-fiends. The staff is super-knowledgeable, extremely amicable and offer gift-wrapping free-of-charge – perfect for nerdy procrastinators, like me.

  - Janice Bevilacqua

126 Franklin St
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 383-0096