Working Class

Working Class


Neighborhood: Tribeca
Type of Place: Gift Shops Women's Clothing

With toys tainted with lead paint from China putting the fear of God into parents and shoppers, we thought we'd steer you to this lovely collection of handmade soaps from France that would make a lovely gift for any small child, without the fear. They come in rabbit, elephant and teddy bear shapes with a fresh rose scent. You'll find them at Working Class in Tribeca.

There are also lots of items that adults will love too. We spotted beautiful handblown pefume bottles (new and antique) ranging from $10 to $1,000. Yellow rain slickers for kids and adults ($55-$125), along with "Raining Cats & Dogs Umbrellas," starting at $45. Working Class also offers a large assortment of luggage and English Tea to go along with its line of "God Save the Queen" china ($45-$195). There's even a plate commemorating Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles ($65).

And because the owners run the shop as a hobby (Their really in the advertising business), you're guaranteed to finds plenty of fun and imaginative merchandise which makes it a wondeful spot for browsing and buying!

Working Class
168 Duane St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 941-1199