Photo: Cititour.com

Neighborhood: West Village
Type of Place: Pet Shops

A few afternoons ago, we were walking through the West Village when a
charming storefront caught our eye. But we couldn't tell, for a few
moments, its primary focus: Toy store? Clothing shop? Bakery? Turns out the
store is all of these things--for dogs and cats.

Zoomies is the brainchild of friends and co-owners Susan Bartholomew
and Angelique Graux. Susan was formerly VP of Retail for Cristian Dior
Couture; Angelique ran the Angel Cafe in Paris. Together they use their
fashion sense, cullinary know-how, and, most importantly, fondness for
felines and canines to run a gift shop that's bound to please all
customers, regardless of species.

The pet treats, some all-organic, are made by a commissioned chef. Some
of the accessories are part of the in-house-designed Zoomies line,
others brought in from other designers. And the shop boasts the city's
first biscuit bar, where pups can come in for a gourmet nibble. If Fluffy's
got a special occasion approaching (birthday? obedience-school
graduation? family reunion?), Zoomies can help you plan for it with a
personalized pet-friendly cake.

We especially liked the black-and-white or pink Eiffel Tower print
pet beds (from $145); the chew toys shaped like shoes ("Bark Jacobs" in
pink, "Jimmy Chew" in black, $15); and the "Good Doggie" bowl, available
in 3 colors ($20). The cheese-flavored Eiffel Tower pet treats and
peanut butter flavored Statue of Liberty snacks also seemed sure to

Our visit to the store found several pups in attendance, including the
"resident dog," a Yorkie named Chouchou. (Cats generally order in for
their treats and supplies.) Susan was chatting with a customer (and her
dog) while Angelique worked on the shop's website and grappled with the
details of filling an order placed from...Norway. If you're reading
this from NYC rather than Scandinavia, lucky you--you're close enough to
drop in directly and shop around. Your four-legged friends will thank
you, big time.

  - Pamela Grossman; Aug 28, 2005

434 Hudson St.
New York, NY 10014