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Address: 7216 5th Ave (72nd & 73rd)
City: Brooklyn, NY
Zip: 11209
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Phone: (718) 745-0777

Food Info:

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Cuisine: Middle Eastern
2nd Cuisine: Bakery

Cititour Review:

Arabic music played from a large TV screen above the counter where Antepli offers several types of baklava and other Turkish treats. But the shop is now offering food as well, that is well worth a visit. Start with a large plate of mixed appetizers – hummus, babaganoush, eggplant sauce, grape leaves and labne spiked with walnuts. It’s served with traditional Turkish bread, called Pide, that is thick and crusty, and perfect for dipping. It’s easy to fill up on appetizers alone. But don’t. There is more to come. Entrees include traditional kebabs (chicken, beef and lamb) and grilled skewers of ground meats, called Adana, that are amped up with Middle Eastern spices and red pepper.  Kofte, grilled lamb burgers, arrive five to a plate on a bed of perfectly-seasoned bulgar pilaf. Another dish worth seeking out is the Betyi, skewers of Lamb Adana rolled in Turkish bread and served with yogurt and tomato sauce. Also, don’t skip out on dessert, including chocolate baklava and a cup of Turkish coffee. >>

- Thomas Rafael



Review By: Thomas Rafael